Monday, 19 August 2013

Investing in Alternative Projects like Emerald Knight Carbon Credits

Investing in Green Projects like Emerald Knight Carbon Credits

The most typical investments that speculators make involve stocks, bonds, and cash. Although these ventures might promise large returns, more and more investors are choosing to put their money in more humanitarian or environmental projects such as carbon credits from Emerald Knight and other investment firms like it. There are many types of green alternative investments that companies or individuals can get into.

Green projects encourage people to invest for another reason entirely: social responsibility. Many advocates of alternative investments advise that as with any investment product, there would still be a few potential risks associated with them. Nevertheless, the social benefits more than make up any risks there may be in green investments.

Green technologies, for instance, promise not only a sustainable income source, but the development of human society as it embraces natural resources instead of plainly taking advantage of them. Renewable energy sources are some of these green technologies—investments that promote the use of safe, sustainable and affordable power, and whose processes don't involve toxic by-products.

Sustainable forestry investments are also excellent sources of “green” income. Investment opportunities like these support anti-deforestation efforts. This is done by using non-destructive lumber or timber harvesting techniques that don't level entire forests but only cut down a limited number of trees, leaving the rest to grow and mature. Techniques like this not only keep the life cycle of the trees in the forest going, but even that of the wildlife making up the ecosystem.

These are just some of the alternative investment opportunities that you can get into if you want your brand to promote and assist in environmental efforts. Firms like Emerald Knight have carbon credits, another kind of green investment product that can offer you profit options through carbon trading. A carbon credit is a certificate allowing an industry to emit one tonne of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. It can be offset through carbon trading or investment in a sustainable green project.

Social responsibility is important, not only for large corporations, but for every individual, regardless of the part each plays in society. Help keep the environment alive and healthy by investing in green projects. Through them, you can support valuable causes that can get your finances growing as well.

Finding Renewable Energy Investments in Emerald Knight Carbon Credit

Finding Renewable Energy Investments in Emerald Knight Carbon Credits

Today, more and more people are looking into socially responsible investments that are aimed not only at profit but also at bringing benefits to the environment. One such investment opportunity is in renewable energy. Due to the rising cost of fossil fuel (as well as the looming decline of its supply), many innovators have found ways to utilise perpetually renewable sources of power like sunlight, wind and natural gas. Thankfully, many investment products like carbon credits from Emerald Knight can offer you a chance to put your money in some of these causes. Companies earn tradable carbon credits when they invest in renewable-energy projects for the following reasons.

Stable Energy Source

Sunlight and wind will always be there to provide energy, whether human technology chooses to harness it or not. Hence it promises a more stable source of energy for industries than fossil fuel. Moreover, renewable energy technology is very reliable and can last for long periods of time, so there is barely any risk of it failing.

Promoting Energy Independence

Oil and gas prices keep rising because demand for it is also constantly on the rise. However, when people begin to use alternative power sources like wind and natural gas, they can eventually reduce their dependency on fossil fuel, bringing prices back to more stable levels.

Energy Cost-Cutting

When a household uses renewable energy sources, it effectively decreases its energy cost, since these sources don't really need complex power processing and delivery methods that require a private entity to build a massive local power plant before you can make use of them. With monthly power bills down, people will have more to spend on other important aspects of their lives.

Environment Benefits

Of course, nobody can underestimate the lasting impact of renewable energy investing for the environment. Low dependence on industrial processes that emit toxic by-products by the truckload only means less pollution.

Not only will a company be making money when it invests in renewable energy, but it will also earn tradable carbon credits from Emerald Knight and other investment houses that market them, all the while making a contribution to environmental protection. Moreover, you get to take part in a power revolution that aims to replace dependence in a decreasing resource with independent community power sources.

Monday, 15 July 2013

Ask Emerald Knight about Carbon Credits and Other Ethical Investments

Ask Emerald Knight about Carbon Credits and Other Ethical Investments

Climate change is a global game-changer when it comes to investments and money markets. The increasing vulnerability of the world’s ecosystem to natural calamities is causing revenue-generating schemes to shift from the traditional to the alternative. From the stock market, investors are pouring money directly and indirectly into ethical investments like carbon credits and funds that promote sustainable development. 

Carbon credits are a form of currency awarded or sold to companies employing environmentally-sound processes that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fossil fuel dependence. Sectors that handle carbon credits are usually those that have divested from controversial industries like tobacco, oil and gas or mining. If you want to play your part through socially responsible investing ask companies like Emerald Knight about carbon credits trading and other socially-responsible investments such as renewable energy, clean technology, or forestation projects.


This method’s goal is to highlight the socially positive and negative industry segments to a client. Negative screening aims to eliminate companies involved in activities seen to compromise the status of the environment. This helps investors avoid industries such as cigarette manufacturing or nuclear energy ventures.
Positive screening highlights projects deemed to be socially responsible. Companies marketing these ethical financial projects (like Emerald Knight Consultants) select sustainable investment prospects such as green farming (i.e. organic cultivation of plants) and carbon credits for their clients to review.


The preference method also known as best-of-sector strategy, in effect, gives consideration to businesses that usually figure in the negative screening list. For instance, an oil and gas company can still pass the stringent ethical criteria only if it excels in its sector. This could mean that the firm has not violated environmental laws and upholds the rights of workers in its daily operations, among other things..

Shareholder Activism

This method neither excludes nor extends preference to companies by virtue of criteria. Shareholder activism calls for the active engagement of investors or ethically-sound investment handlers in pushing for change in a company. For example, an individual can invest in a venture with practices he finds unimpressive; when he’s in, he becomes a legitimate personality who can tell the company to be more responsible.